Revision of Technical Equipment & Infrastructure


Inspection of Buildings & Constructions


Advice for Responsible & Effective Company


Education & Training

We specialise in inspecting technical equipment, infrastructure, construction sites and buildings. We also provide specialist advice in all these areas plus in work safety, fire protection, environment and implementation systems for managing ISO and OHSAS standards.  We also run regular training seminars for our clients and their staff . We provide expert systems such as a data sharing software room and expert advice for managing business issues.

Truth and useful solutions

Our ambition is to be the best company giving completely independent inspection services for technical equipment, infrastructure and buildings. We regularly provide expert education and test top-level knowledge of employees.

  • Our inspection organisation provides truth and benefits
  • We try to solve your needs today
  • We give complete service, revise all types of technical equipment and we are your one business partner
  • We have global influence and work together with a range of international companies
  • We reduce risks and ensure legal representation
  • We continually inform state representatives of established up-to-date facts
  • We issue only one invoice a month – the same amount every month, with a minimum of paperwork.
  • We reduce risks, penalties and damages
  • We protect people’s lives – reduce your organisation’s number of work injuries
  • We increase energy savings by reducing energy use
  • Flexibility and control – documentation is shared in a safe data centre in electronic form
  • We monitor and keep watch when your legislative duties expire.
  • We provide and ensure correct information about the state of your possessions and activities
  • We register and control disposal of discovered faults.
  • We constantly educate and test your employees
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